God Showed Me That Chelsea May Get Relegated If They Don't Go For Spiritual Cleansing" -Primate Ayodele

The leading figure and founder of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church (IESC); Primate Elijah Ayodele, took to his social media platform (Facebook page) moments ago to release new prophecies about Chelsea football club and some business firms.
On Chelsea football club, Primate Elijah Ayodele said, “God showed me that Chelsea may get relegated soon if they don’t go for spiritual cleansing.” He added, “it is obvious today that Chelsea football club is now a finished team because almost all the teams that face them defeat them.”

Prophesying further, the prominent man of God said, “if the current owners of Chelsea football club is not careful, the club will not function again.” He added an admonition saying, “those who bought Chelsea from Roman Abramovic should go and meet him and seek his personal blessings. If they don’t do this and they sign ten best strikers, defenders or goalkeeper, things will still not go well for them.”

Lastly, the man of God said, “I was shown that a curse is troubling Chelsea. They need to take my words very serious otherwise it is total relegation. If they do the cleansing, it will avert many bad occurrences.”

What are your thoughts about the prophecies the man of God made about the Graham Potter’s side?





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