Jamie Vardy reveals why he didn't talk to Kante, Danny Drinkwater, and Riyad Mahrez

Leicester City forward, Jamie Vardy reveals why he didn’t talk to Kante, Danny Drinkwater, and Riyad Mahrez after they left the Leicester to another club.

The 32-year-old revealed why he has not been talking to his former teammates Kante, Danny Drinkwater, and Riyad Mahrez that lead the Foxes squad to become an English premier league champions after they all left for a big club.

The Foxes squad of that era has quite been depleted as the likes of Kante, Danny Drinkwater and Riyad Mahrez chose to leave to other top English sides.

Vardy has now revealed that he doesn’t really talk to those players who have left the club and only has a good relationship with his current teammates.

Asked by reporters if they keep in touch, Vardy said: “Not really. It is one of those things.

am connected with my playing mates now.

You will speak to them when you are playing or might drop the odd message in there.

“But I have other things to concentrate on.”

Jamie Vardy, Tammy Abraham, and Sergio Aguero are the top three in the scorer’s chart, with 12, 10 and 9 league goals respectively.

Tammy Abraham suffered a hip injury in our Champions League clash against Valencia and won’t be available for this weekend’s game against West Ham, giving Vardy more chances to push ahead of him.

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