Chelsea slammed star player over his demand

Chelsea slammed star player over his demand

 Gaston Edul, one of the best connected Argentine journalists, late last night informed us that Enzo Fernandez is keen to play at the Olympic games this summer – as well as at the Copa America with Argentina.

This is going to cause issues with Chelsea. They’ve got more than £100m invested in Enzo and want to put him in the best possible position to play well for them next season. They want him fresh and in preseason training from day one, especially with a new coach coming in.

They’re probably willing to swallow letting him go to the Copa America, just to keep him happy. But a second international tournament in the same summer seems a little rich. Edul admits the situation “is difficult.”

Chelsea no quiere que Enzo Fernández vaya a los Juegos Olímpicos porque quiere contar con él desde principios de pretemporada con el cambio de DT.

Está difícil. Va a haber una charla más el fin de semana y ahí queda confirmado si puede ir o no lo dejan.

Man City’s starlet in a similar – but different situation

There’s currently a similar situation going on at Manchester City with Enzo’s fellow Argentine Julian Alvarez. In that case, it looks like City are going to let him play in both competitions. But that makes more sense – Alvarez is a backup by definition. That means not only did he play far less this season and therefore accumulate less fatigue, he also doesn’t need to be counted on to start in the early weeks of next season. He can be eased back in gently.

Enzo is the opposite – he played far more than was ideal this year, leading to a hernia and a campaign finished early by surgery. Plus he’s set to be a weekly starter all year in the campaign to come. So even leaving aside the issue of a new coach coming and wanting to see him in training, it’s a dreadful idea.

Let him have the choice of Copa America or Olympics – but there’s no way he should be playing in both.

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