Man United vs Tottenham: Alex Ferguson Reveals why Tottenham Can't Finished in Top Four

Former Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed why Tottenham Hotspur cannot finished in top four at the ongoing English premier league 2019/2020 season. He said to earn top four finished in EPL you need to strengthen your defence line because if you didn’t see it from your defence there is no how you can win the game.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Preview

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League Showdown tonight and all eyes on the game, Man United vs Spur kick-off by 8:30 pm tonight on Tuesday at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester.

According to Jose Mourinho, Tottenham coach says ‘Is a good reception from all when he returns to the theatre of dreams every Direction just a testament to this club

I have heard regulation I was really angry and such a beautiful woman team that is going to try to eat Manchester United and that to pick up the maximum three points tonight

Jose Mourinho was named that’s Mauricio Pochettino successor three tables play HostSpurs in the family Showdown both managers going into the game and completely different side Sheffield United and a stability the side of the turn on iguanas also despite that the and roommates for the focus the the Tuscan change pizzas that we Suwanee better size Monday we could plan for Aaron’s tonight play set time is past and this confident that the Portuguese set of Dreams call he’s been supposedly scope have course movies

According to Mourinho as far for me just can’t call everyone traffic Spider-Man of his departure whatever is, is to go back to a place where I was happy I can say that I was happy I have a graduation with the dentist United supporters I went back has as a pallet with use a different perspective I was really humble by such a beautiful reception there tomorrow I go back has the coach of the team that is going to try to beat Manchester United and that maybe use a different perspective he said

‘Meanwhile former former Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that United will defeat Tottenham Hotspur tonight because they lack creativity and quality in the defence line. No matter how strikers of a club maybe scoring goals and if the defenders sleep back to deny their opponent from scoring goals it will amount to nothing, because as your scoring goals likewise your opponent will be scoring due to poor defence and will denied them of top four.’

Tottenham defence is not as strong compares to Manchester United so far for three games play Spurs conceded two goals each that will tell you that the defence line is shaking and not strong enough to defeat Man United he said.’


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