Nigerian Legend Late Rashid Yekini's Graveyard Needs Urgent Attention

Nigeria legend, late Rashid Yekini who scored the first Super Eagles goal in the world cup tournament has make people talking about how the graveyard looks like as if it is just an ordinary citizen of Nigeria

When you mention his name among friends, old, young and even amongst women who really don’t give much attention to football like their male folks: there will always be smiles on their faces at the sound of his name. He was a delight to behold on the pitch.

His majestic display with the ball, finding opportunities to net in balls to fans delight endeared him to many who had not come in contact with him in person, but just loving him as he is still one of the best to put on the number 9 jersey for Nigeria.

Nigerian Legend Late Rashid Yekini's Graveyard Needs Urgent Attention

Apart from starting his football career in Nigeria league, he then moved to Cote divoire to play for Africa Sports National, he also played for Victoria de setubal, Sporting de Gijon, FC Zurich, Club Athletique, Al-Shabab Riyadh, and later ended his career home with Julies Berger FC and Gateway United FC, with different honors accompanying his career. Truly he is a legend in football.

According to the reports gathered by thescoreng, He died and was buried in Ira, Kwara State, Nigeria. In his family house. The sight of his grave tells more of how we treat heroes. In your deep thoughts you will be scared to assume if serving Nigeria with dignity is worth it.

Here lies the body of our hero, he departed quietly and forgotten if not totally; because promises will always be made, but fulfilling them will be harder.

On meeting Rashidi’s uncle who resides at the house in Ira, he shared stories of how loving he was in the family. He also shared his experience when he visited Mecca, and someone said “oh you are from Nigeria, Rashidi yekini’s Country” He didn’t know that his brother fame cut across boards, piercing every colour to signify the one language of football.

But he was sad as he relates countless promises made by individuals and organization’s which seems not to be actualized till date. Among them is the promises of a Cup to be in his honor which is yet to see the light of the day.

Oh how fast we forget the dead in my Country. Yekini’s story is just little among so many forgotten names that have stood out amongst all. Let’s not dwell on fame alone, what about Civil servants, workers who had served diligently and yet forsaking to beg for their deserved entitlements. What about security officials killed on battlefront but left to be buried by family alone.

The attitudes of neglecting people is one of the reason corruption strive today in almost all sectors of governance. They have seen how people who left before them were treated and they will want to explore the system, finding ways to steal so as to be have more to sustain them after retirements.

They want income ‘Security’ after retirement or adequate provisions to cater for untimely events in their jobs, the urge to steal comes for them. When we can threat past heroes well, it will go a long way to curb corruption more than just creating agencies for it

Heroes like Yekini and more will have been more appreciated and honoured so that it will be motivations to others.

Recently the NFF honored him and his squads which is commendable, but more can still be done more than the thousands of promises doled out with no actions. How we treat our heroes and those who served diligently will have effects on the growth of the Nation. We can’t threat them with disdain and expect bountiful harvests.

Their souls will not be glad and so it might be hindrance to our own growth as a Nation. Let Nigeria arise and place more priorities on the welfare of those who had served the Nation with their last breath.

Sleep on Rashidi Yekini.

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