Didier Drogba suffered humiliating defeat at the FA Presidential Elections

Chelsea legend, Didier Drogba suffered humiliating defeat by Sory Diabate after he secured zero votes from members of the Association of Former Ivorian Footballers in a bid to become the next head of the Ivorian Football Federation.

Didier Drogba lamented at the outcome of the result after scored zero votes, also Idriss Diallo shun with no votes.

Of the 14 members in the Association, 11 voted for his rival, league president Sory Diabate, while three persons abstained.

The third candidate, the current Vice President, Idriss Diallo also got no votes from the ex-players.

The results of the election, which was done via video conferencing, has reportedly sparked a massive debate in the Ivory Coast.

Drogba had been the massive favourite going into the polls, particularly after experienced administrator Eugene Diomande withdrew from the race and publicly backed the former Ivorian captain.

Drogba will hope to have better luck when members of the Active Footballers Association, the coaches, referees, and the physios also cast their votes.

Drogba suffered heavy blows after a humiliating defeat by Sory Diabate in the Ivorian FA Presidential Elections, he didn’t see it coming at all.

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