Eric Bailly's shot 40-yard half-volley high and wide during Valencia clash (Video)

Eric Bertrand Bailly, Cote d’Ivoire, and Manchester United defender played a shot that went outside the stadium hits 40-yard half-volley high in the Champions League game against Valencia.

The Score Nigeria learnt that Eric Bailly who make Jose Mourinho‘s side starting XI against Valencia in the UEFA Champions League game was mocked by fans after play a 40-yard half-volley high and wide during the match.

“Eric Bailly took that 45 yards shot like he was Paul Scholes.”

“What an awful shot… unless it was a clearance, then what a clearance.”

“Bailly trying to score on the half volley from 40+ yards sums up this banter era.”

Speaking about his team after the match, he said: “They tried. They raised the level of effort, they raised the level of their intensity in spite of not having that many players with that intensity.

“We tried to play but in some crucial positions in the building up phase we don’t have the technical quality to build from the back.”

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