Italian FA hopes for coronavirus testing, players’ return to training in May

Italy’s Football Federation has expressed hope that players will be tested for coronavirus at the start of May to prepare for the season, its President, Gabriele Gravina, has said.

Serie A has been suspended since March 9 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy has been one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 19,899 deaths and 156,363 officially confirmed cases.

Players at a number of clubs have been infected.

There are still 12 rounds of matches to be played, plus several outstanding fixtures.

Gravina told Sky Sport Italia that he was still determined for the season to be completed no matter how long it would take.

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“As soon as the conditions are right, we will finish the championship.

“Soon, there will be a meeting, we will establish the procedure which we will then communicate.

“We will start, I hope, at the beginning of the month (May) with tests to ensure that players are negative and the training can follow.

“Will we play in the summer? We don’t have a deadline but the idea is to finish the championship,” he said.

Several clubs have opposed the idea of carrying on with the championship including Brescia, which threatened not to take the field.

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