Ross Barkley Speaks On Meeting His Nigerian's Dad Who Left Her Mum At A Tender Age

England and Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley has once again stressed his desire to meet with his father who according to him is a Nigerian who broke up with his mother at a tender age when things were difficult for him.

The Score Nigeria learnt that Barkley who was born and raised in England where he is now a senior international player while speaking in an interview on his life and career said he will no doubt love to meet with his father.

” Maybe the one thing I will like to add to my career if I can is to meet with my father. He is a Nigerian who left my mother while I was still very young and since then I haven’t set my eyes on me”, the 25-year-old said.

Base on research made by Mowiz, Barkley’s father is a Nigerian named Patrick Effange who was a construction worker with the railway in the United Kingdom. He left while he was around one year old and since then he hasn’t returned.

The player now bears his mother’s maiden name Barkley as his surname instead of his father’s name Effanga. His career has really blossomed from when he made his debut at Everton as an 18-year-old graduate from the academy of the premier League side.

Since he joined Chelsea two seasons ago, injuries and poor form has limited him to few games but before the forced break in football occasioned by the outbreak of coronavirus he was already beginning to stamp his authority in the squad of Frank Lampard as a starter.

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