La Liga Sets To Resume Behind Closed Doors

La Liga Spanish League to resume soon behind closed doors according to Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, as Bundesliga is set to restart on May 16. The Premier League is targeting a May 18 return to training. So what about LaLiga?

LaLiga’s UK and Ireland delegate Keegan Pierce says the organization is doing everything it can to ensure the safety of the players as they return to training grounds for coronavirus tests.

When is the resumption date for La Liga – La Liga will resume soon as they are targeting the May for the League to restart.

On Saturday, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he expects LaLiga to resume “soon” behind closed doors, with players returning to training this week.

“The most important thing to keep in mind is that LaLiga is looking to resume the rest of its season in coordination with the Spanish government, which announced just last week a phased process towards what they describe as the return to new normal for everyday life in Spain.

“As part of this scaled approach to the return to the new normal, Spain is looking to incorporate different levels of economic activity, and sport is one of them. So, LaLiga, together with clubs and medical professionals, and in coordination with the health ministry and other government officials in Spain, have been coordinating very closely a series of protocols that allow football to resume while minimizing the risk for players and participants.

“You’ve seen the images of the players wearing masks, wearing gloves as they arrive at their training centers, and then eventually we would phase after this four-week period to a moment in which players could begin working in group sessions.”

Barcelona, Real Madrid players, and others have been undergone COVID-19 tests after they were called up to return training as La Liga will resume soon behind closed doors, which implies that spectators will not be allowed into the stadium.

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