Lionel Messi Reveals What Cavani Told Him In The International Friendly Match Which Resulted In A Fight

Argentine and Barcelona captain Lionel Messi has revealed what caused the fight between him and the PSG forward Edison Cavani during international friendly match on Tuesday night, November 19th, 2019 after the game ended in 2-2 draw.

The Score Nigeria reports that the international friendly match between Argentina and Uruguay ended up in a fight as Cavani challenges Messi, says he is playing like Under-17 and ask him to defend his player of the year award.

List of players that registered their names in the scoring sheet as Argentina tied with Uruguay in the friendly game; Cavani, Aguero, Suarez, Messi.

“Edison Cavani called Lionel Messi names in the international friendly game yesterday that results in a fight and it has been the talk of the day as a mixed reaction rolls in on Twitter.”

The 32-year-old star revealed that Cavani challenged him to proved his world best award which makes him to fought with Cavani on the pitch that night.

“Cavani challenges Messi to to defend his player of the year award in a wrestling match, Messi accepted.”

The international friendly between the South American duo ended up in a fight as Edison Cavani allegedly insulted Leo Messi to proved himself on the pitch of play as the world best player.

“It was a classic, a match with lots of friction and strong tackles, as we have in South American football,” Cavani said after the game.

“Both sides have done good things, we leave with a positive feeling and we try to play football. then it was already a classic, we live it like this” he said.

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