Sadio Mane reveals what Lionel Messi told him after Champions League game in Anfield

Liverpool winger Sadio Mane has reveal what Barvelona star Lionel Messi told him after the second leg Champions League clash at the Anfield Stadium ad also talks about his meeting with him at 2019 French football Ballon d’Or, thescoreng reports.

“When the best player ever takes his time just to watch you play, it’s because you did something good. Yes it’s true that Lionel Messi spoke to me after our Champions League game at Anfield. He could have gone directly to the locker room because of the disappointment like his other teammates, but he took his time and came to speak to me. It was weird.

He called me next to the tunnel, he first tried to speak to me in English but it became difficult for him, so he continued in Spanish. But according to his body language, I could see that he was expressing something very important. He then kissed me and left. Yes, I am aware that he voted for me with the golden ball as Klopp said. He wanted me to be with him among the 3 finalists because he believed a lot in me.

I would have liked to understand Spanish to know what he was saying to me because he said a lot and I did not understand everything. It’s without a doubt the best in the world and in history. Klopp talks a lot about Messi, he’s a big fan. When Mo Salah left-footed in training, Klopp said “wow! I see Leo Messi in you! ”.

Today’s football is based on votes. People no longer vote for the best, but for their friends. They look at a photo and say “I’m not going to vote for him, but for him” and that kills football, it’s a fact. ”

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