Taiye Taiwo reveals why he packed his bags and left the Super Eagles team

Former Nigeria Super Eagles defender Taiye Taiwo has revealed why left the national team simply because he doesn’t want to involved himself in uncleanness and dirty glory so he packed his bags and left the Super Eagles team.

The widespread of allegations against Late Stephen Keshi’s era as the chief of the Super Eagles of Nigeria has taken a new direction after former AC Milan and QPR left back revealed that he had to leave the National team settings because of some shady deals within the camp.

”I am someone who don’t want dirty glory in my life, I have never been involved in what is not clean and that was why I packed my bags and left the Super Eagles. ”I cannot work or stay where I see that is dirty because I am serving a clean God, and if I am in an area that is not clean, I will have to leave the place. ”When they appointed Stephen Keshi as coach, he was acting someone in which I told my self that it was time for me to leave the Super Eagles. ”I packed my bags and I told my wife and family that I cannot be involved in dirty deals,” Taiye Taiwo said.

This will make it the fourth player to come out and attack the people handling the super Eagles team under Stephen Keshi’s era.

Chinedu Obasi was the first to raise a finger of accusation after he said he was asked to bring money before he would make the 2014 world cup squad, the fire had not gone down when former Youth International Emmanuel Sarki alleged that he was asked to bring the sum of $10,000 in other to be invited.

Imoh Ezekiel was the last of the trio to come out as he said he was also asked to pay his way into the main National team despite scoring 22 goals in Belgium in 2013/2014 season.

Emmanuel Sarki who dumped Nigeria and played for Haiti senior team also said the same thing that they asked him to pay bribe to make Super Eagles team in 2013.

What’s your take on this whole issue?

Are they all being made up or there is an element of truth in these allegations?

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