Mixed reaction over William Saliba leaked video

Arsenal centre-back who joined Nice on loan, 19, William Saliba is trending on Twitter after he share a viral video which has got people talking on social media.

“People are asking why am i thinking about this? Bro the guy is right next to him in that vid like why???” A man wrote.

The Snapchat video showed the Arsenal player, William, videoing his friend sitting next to him while he was doing a hand thing when other players were in the room.

“The fact Saliba thought it was acceptable to just whip out his phone and casually record is mind blowing” A lady wrote.

We are sure you all want to watch William Saliba trending video which has been deleted on Twitter, but due to restrictions the leaked video cant be shared here.

Who was the guy in William Saliba leaked video? He is alleged to be his teammate, but his name is currently unknown.

“Why do people feel the need to video everything these days? Some things are best left unfilmed William Saliba” A lady wrote.

William Saliba joins arsenal, wrote: “I’m proud and very happy to join such a great club”

Another lady wrote: “Well people are saying that this video was from a while ago and someone leaked it. I don’t know the circumstances of how it got out. He’s not participating but it’s not a great look. Footballers have gotten up to worse.”

Earlier this month, despite struggling to make a single senior appearance for the Gunners, the 19-year-old centre-back joined Nice on loan for the rest of the season.


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