Kylian Mbappe admits that he called Neymar a tramp

Kylian Mbappe has admired calling his teammate Neymar ‘ a tramp” and he confessed that he never expected to play alongside the Argentine star in his career.

The Frenchman also made clear that he wouldn’t mind going the extra mile on the pitch by covering more space with his runs if this means that he could give some seconds of rest to Messi and help his teammate keep his legs fresh for the crucial moments of the games.

“I never imagined [Messi] coming here.” Mbappe told L’Equipe.

“He is one of the few players on whom I put a label of ‘impossible for me to play with’. For me, he was never going to leave Barcelona.

“When you have Messi on your team, you know he has to do a little less to be more lucid to score.

“So if you have to do it, do it. No problem, it’s an established hierarchy. I agree to run when Messi is walking. No problem. He’s Messi, anyway.”

Mbappe went on to stress that he would’ve only signed for Real Madrid last summer and stressed that Messi’s arrival didn’t influence his decision to leave the club.

“I had already made my decision and had thought about it very well,” added Mbappe.

“If I had left in the summer, it would only have been for Real Madrid.”

The France international also revealed that he called his teammate, Neymar, a ‘tramp’ during PSG’s 2-0 victory over Montpellier in September.

“Yes, I called Neymar a tramp because I was not happy with a pass,” declared Mbappe.

“These are things that happen all the time in football. That’s why, right after, when he exploded, I talked to him about it. This happens because we want to win. That’s it, no problem.”


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