Full list of 13 teams qualify for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 World Cup qualifiers across all the continents have saw thirteen (13) countries or teams to earned their final tickets for the first ever World Cup to be hosted in Qatar.

How many teams qualify for 2022 World Cup from Europe – As is stand Eleven (11) teams have qualified to Qatar 2022 from Europe and teams from South American (Brazil and Argentina).

Here’s countries who has qualified for the 2022 World Cup and where qualifying stands for those still vying for berths.

Qualified Teams

  • Qatar (host nation)
  • Germany (UEFA Group J Winner) on Oct. 11
  • Denmark (UEFA Group F Winner) on Oct. 12
  • Brazil (One of CONMEBOL’s top four teams) on Nov. 11
  • Belgium (UEFA Group E Winner) on Nov. 13
  • France (UEFA Group D Winner) on Nov. 13
  • Serbia (UEFA Group A Winner) on Nov. 14
  • Spain (UEFA Group B Winner) on Nov. 14
  • Croatia (UEFA Group H Winner) on Nov. 14
  • Switzerland (UEFA Group C Winner) on Nov. 15
  • England (UEFA Group I Winner) on Nov. 15
  • Netherlands (UEFA Group G Winner) on Nov. 16
  • Argentina (One of CONMEBOL’s top four teams) on Nov. 16

Africa (CAF)

After the lowest-ranked 28 teams played two-legged ties, the remaining 40 teams were split into 10 groups of four that competed to advance to the final qualifying round. The winners of each group earned a spot in the last round, in which they will play two-legged ties for five total spots in March 2022.

Those progressing to the final round are: Algeria, Cameroon, DR Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia.


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