Eden Hazard top Chelsea’s signings from Ligue 1 (Full List)

Chelsea have the best players from Ligue 1 in the club entire history, the likes of Hazard, Drogba, Malouda, Cech, Essien and others.



According to the review all the players signed from Ligue 1 performed excellently in Chelsea and they helped the club to climb to a milestone in achieving their goals.

Hazard sign in Chelsea, he played good football before joining Real Madrid and Drogba was well known in Chelsea when he hold the attacking role tight for the Blues.

Silva now doing the amazing things, all the players listed below had/has great time in Chelsea with wonderful performance.


Chelsea players were signed in French Ligue 1 there is not doubt about it

Chelsea’s signings from Ligue 1 🇫🇷:

– Didier Drogba (£24m)
– Eden Hazard (£32m)
– Petr Cech (£7m)
– Cesar Azpilicueta (£7m)
– Micheal Essien (£26m)
– Thiago Silva (£0)
– Edouard Mendy (£22m)
– Florent Malouda (£13.5m)

Thank you Ligue 1.

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