Former Blues star, Mikel Obi reveals reasons De Bruyne and Mo Salah struggle in Chelsea

 Former Chelsea midfielder, Mikel Obi, has shed light on the factors that led to Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah’s underwhelming stints at Stamford Bridge, as reported by PUNCH Sports Extra.

Former Blues star, Mikel Obi reveals reasons De Bruyne and Mo Salah struggle in Chelsea

Both De Bruyne and Salah, now stars at Manchester City and Liverpool, respectively, endured challenging periods during their time at Chelsea, leaving fans and the club to wonder what could have been if they had stayed.

De Bruyne is currently a vital part of Manchester City’s midfield, having won numerous major honors since his arrival in 2015. However, according to Mikel, his performance during training sessions was not always at the same high standard.

Mikel, the former Nigerian captain, disclosed on the Obi One Podcast that De Bruyne was considered a “bad trainer” during his 18 months with Chelsea. He often appeared disinterested and frustrated, which affected his interactions with teammates. Mikel recalled an incident where De Bruyne clashed with Samuel Eto’o during a training session due to his perceived lack of effort.

Salah’s time at Chelsea also faced challenges. While he didn’t engage in public disputes like De Bruyne, he faced criticism from then-manager Jose Mourinho. According to Mikel, Mourinho was tough on the players and didn’t tolerate any shortcomings. Salah was reduced to tears during halftime of a match, and despite expectations that he might return to the pitch, Mourinho decided to substitute him.

Mikel credited both De Bruyne and Salah for their hard work and determination to become superstars in their current clubs, Manchester City and Liverpool. He acknowledged that their success was unexpected during their time at Chelsea but commended their efforts to reach the level they are at today.


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