Liverpool star, Luis Diaz's father regains freedom from kidnapper

 Luis Manuel Diaz, the father of Liverpool Football club star, Luis Diaz, has been finally freed from kidnappers – almost two weeks after he was captured.

Liverpool star, Luis Diaz's father regain freedom from kidnapper

Luis Manuel Diaz was taken into the hands of a “Humanitarian Commission” made up of the Catholic Church and the United Nations on Thursday afternoon.

Local media say the plan now is to take Diaz Sr to a nearby city for medical checks, with family already on their way to see him.

First images released on Colombian television showed Diaz Senior, wearing a cap and holding a drink, waving an arm in the air.

Diaz's father, 58, was taken along with the forward's mother as they stopped for watermelons at a petrol station on October 28.

Colombia's anti-government National Liberation Army (ELN), a left-wing guerrilla group, were subsequently found to be responsible.

Diaz, who starts for Liverpool as they lost 3-2 to Toulouse in the Europa League this evening, saw his mother rescued hours after being kidnapped but, amid significant anguish, his father remained missing.


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