NEW 4-1 CHE: He Should Be Benched Forever Fans Furious Over Chelsea Star Player

Newcastle verses chelsea went to the second half having tied up in terms of results with Isak scoring at Early minutes of the first half being Raheem Sterling equalizing in a very special way. 

Nevertheless there were some short comings that were being witnessed at the chelsea side with some players not coming up to their best for that first half. However generally personally I was pleased by chelsea spirit of come back and they didn't allow that goal demotivate them.


However one Key player who replaced caicedo from the last squad that played against manchester city was seen to have alot of mistakes which angered the fans.Ogochukwu and jackson were seen to be very poor but later second half oguchukwu improved but jackson remained more blunt.

However the game were quite good and chelsea deserved credit since they were playing away game and they showed a spirit of come back into good results.

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