Cole Palmer reply his teammate who wish him imminent returns

 Cole Palmer is a cheeky player – he can barely seem to score a goal without shushing opposition fans, and he speaks his mind in interviews more than most.


As he gets more and more confident we expect to see more of this part of his personality, and his social media presence certainly has a whiff of an enjoyable cockiness too.

We saw a great example of that today with his reply to Romeo Lavia, who is now his teammate at Chelsea after playing alongside Palmer in the Man City academy.

Lavia has been injured since arriving at Chelsea, and the wait to see him make his debut is getting faintly ridiculous given how long ago he was initially expected back.


So Palmer spoke for all of us when he responded to a Lavia post saying he would be back soon with two cheeky words: “hurry up.”

You can see his post in the image embedded here:

Cole Palmer posts two-word response to Chelsea midfielder Romeo Lavia on Instagram

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