GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition APK OBB Free Download for Android & iOS 2024

   The game is called GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition apk, and it's the greatest and most well-liked game among players for a variety of reasons, including its engaging gameplay, numerous objectives, and much more.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition APK OBB Free Download for Android & iOS 2024

There are activities in an open environment in this video game. You will also have fun playing this game because of its gameplay, storyline, and assortment of characters. We have covered every detail of the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition game in this post, including its gameplay, characters, mission, and much more.

What Is GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition APK OBB

The well-known action-adventure game GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition was developed by Grove Street Games and published by Rockstar Games for mobile devices. Furthermore, this game is currently unavailable on Android devices, but it can be played on a number of other platforms, including the PSP 4, PSP 5, Win, NS, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, MAC, and many more. Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Vice City, and Grand San Andreas are three well-known action-adventure games that are combined into the Android app Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition.

Above all, this GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition apk is an open-world game in which the player must finish every objective using either the first or third person point of view. It is also a remastered version of the company's prior game, with improved visuals and lighting that adds to the gameplay excitement. In addition, the developer has improved gameplay and made numerous other tweaks to the controls to make them more seamless.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Android APK Gameplay

Without a doubt, playing the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition game on your smartphone is quite entertaining. Playing this game becomes more thrilling as you have to finish 100 missions. A specific mission will indicate where to find a certain letter or symbol on the map; your task is to locate that location in order to finish the mission.

As far as we know, the mobile game has a ton of tasks that you must finish in order to advance your abilities. While the Valet doesn't open during a mission trip, the majority do and are marked with signs on the map. Following the completion of a number of property-related tasks, you will begin receiving money without having to establish yourself.

Novel Characters

You can play as a variety of characters in this video game, which adds to the gameplay's excitement and appeal. The following list includes some of the main characters from GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition apk.

  • Carl Johnson

  • Frank Tenpenny

  • Melvin Harris

  • Sean Johnson

  • Lance Wilson

  • Catalina and Cesar Vialpando

  • The reality

  • Mike Toreno Mad Dogg Wu Zi Mu

  • Jimmy Hernandez, among other others.

  • Physics of Ragdolls

Many fans were hoping for ragdoll physics in the vein of GTA 4/5, however this was not the case. But because of this incredible work of Ragdoll Bullet Physics. If they are shot at or knocked over, San Andreas residents will react accordingly. Even though you occasionally make mistakes, the amazing moment of the shiny slapstick is worth making everyone around you feel robotic and unchangeable.

GTA San Definitive Edition APK Android Has New Updates

  • It's a more engaging and thrilling game to play on Android because the player can use a variety of gadgets.

  • Hand: Brass Knuckles, Fist

  • Knives, golf clubs, shovels, pool cues, nightsticks, baseballs, and many more are examples of melee weaponry.

  • Handguns: Desert Eagle, Silent Eagle, and Pistol.

  • Three types of shotguns are available: combat, sawn-off, and pump.

  • Submachine guns: Micro SMG, Tec-9, and numerous others.

  • Assault rifles: M4, Ak-47

  • Rifles: Sniper rifle, as well as several other types.

  • Heavy weaponry: minigun, rocket launcher, and flamethrower.

  • Explosives include satchel charges, frag grenade, tear gas, and Molotov cocktails.

Different Tasks

This game features about a hundred tasks that the player must finish. A few of them are listed below:

  • Accelerate

  • False Identification

  • Love Boat Droppin Bombs at Gateway

  • It's time to go.

  • Display the cash

  • Latino coffee

  • Ante-Up, soaring down the river

  • a passion for money

  • Smackdown Attack Together with numerous others

  • Remastered Images

In addition, there are three Courier Missions in the game. To start each assignment, players must park their automobile in front of a certain building on each island. You are requested to transport packages throughout the island. beginning at the first level with three packets and going up to six in four packages. You have to finish all four levels in order to finish each courier task.


Like Vice City before it, GTA San Andreas' definitive edition apk free download game provides fantastic rewards to players that finish the game all the way through. While they are a little out of place, individuals who wish to conquer all gangs or do the entire 70 Unique Stunt Jump may find them beneficial. But none of them—fundraising or acquiring Crime Rates for the "King of San Andreas"—need to be completely eradicated.

Never-ending Ammo

  • Strength of Two Cars Together

  • You can utilize the that you will receive for free in the game.

Overall Assessment of the Title

One of the greatest games I have ever played on my Android device is GTA SA Definitive Edition. Additionally, you can play this action-adventure game without having to buy it by using the mod version of the game. Because of this game's fantastic and engaging gameplay, my brother and I would frequently play it together.

Above all, the game is extremely addictive due to its abundance of quests, characters, and other features. In addition, I find it impossible to stop playing this game for a day. The stunning graphics are made specifically for Android users. You may play the game offline and without a network connection because it runs well. In order to complete the game's numerous quests, players will also have access to a large number of weapons and characters. The game gets really challenging in certain places, but you can still test it out for however long you like.

How to Download the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition APK OBB Data For Mobile

The GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition game is really simple for players to download to their mobile device. All you have to do to install this GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition apk game is follow the instructions provided below.

  1. Click the download button that we have indicated in this page first.

  2. Second, a different website will be loaded, redirecting you to download the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition OBB and apk files.

  3. Then, in order to grant access to unidentified sources, you must select the security option.

  4. After that, you clicked on the apk file to install the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition game on your smartphone.

  5. You must copy GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition OBB to the appropriate location after installation.

  6. Open the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Apk game after that, and provide access to all required areas.

  7. Now, get your pals together and start playing this incredible adventure game.

Final Words

Because of its incredible and captivating gameplay, which is adored by many, GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition apk is the best game made by the Rock star creator. In addition, players must finish a large number of objectives in this action-adventure game. We are positive that we have addressed all of your inquiries about GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. All things considered, a lot of people all around the world play this role-playing game, which is regarded as the best. Thus, we advise you to play and enjoy the gameplay of GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition on your Android device.

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