Bet9ja announces their official sponsorship for Nigeria Super Eagles

 Embarking on a journey of unity, excellence, and sheer football brilliance, Bet9ja partners with Sportsdotcom “Let’s Do It Again” Super Eagles campaign to celebrate the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023.

Bet9ja announces their official sponsorship for Nigeria Super Eagles

This extraordinary initiative is more than just a campaign; it’s a rallying call to ignite the flames of passion, sportsmanship, and unity across the African continent.

As the eagerly anticipated tournament unfolds, the “Let’s Do It Again” campaign envisions a collective celebration, showcasing the beauty and prowess of African football on the grandest global stage.

AFCON, with it’s rich history of unforgettable moments, stands as a beacon of African pride and resilience. In the spirit of this legacy, the “Let’s Do It Again” campaign urges teams and fans alike to relive the captivating passion, skill, and camaraderie that define this prestigious tournament.

Hon. Kunle Soname, Chairman of Bet9ja, expresses immense delight at the partnership with Sportdotcom on the “Let’s Do It Again” campaign in support of Nigeria Super Eagles. Recognising the impact of major sporting events on a country’s reputation, Bet9ja understands the potential for positive change and aims to contribute to rebuilding lost equity.

“At Bet9ja, we believe in the unifying power of football to inspire greatness and foster vibrant communities,” emphasises Mr. Ayo Ojuroye, Managing Director of Bet9ja. “This collaboration underscores Bet9ja’s commitment to revitalising Nigerians’ faith and commitment in the national team, reinstating the nation’s reputation, and uniting fans across the country”.

As a devoted supporter of Nigerian football, Bet9ja eagerly join hands with Sportsdotcom to reignite enthusiasm and unity among football enthusiasts nationwide. The “Let’s Do It Again” campaign symbolises the collective spirit of Nigerian football lovers rallying behind the national team in their pursuit of glory at AFCON 2023.

Toyosi Oyetunji, Senior Partner, Sportdotcom affirms: “This collaborative vision between Bet9ja and Sportsdotcom aspires to elevate Nigerian national football to unprecedented heights. Together, we aim to craft enduring memories for fans, celebrate the nation’s football prowess, and transform AFCON 2024 into an indelible experience for everyone involved”.

Benefits of this partnership extend beyond the field, as Bet9ja seeks to amplify the passion for football, foster community engagement, contribute to the sport’s overall development in Nigeria, and rebuild the nation’s lost equity in the national team. Committed to promoting responsible gaming, Bet9ja aims to enhance the football experience for fans while cultivating a healthy and exhilarating environment.

Through leveraging social media platforms, Bet9ja aims to create a virtual stadium where fans can connect, share their cherished AFCON memories, and pledge unwavering support for their favourite teams.

Bet9ja therefore invites local communities to actively participate through events, watch parties, and grassroot football initiatives, celebrating the diverse football culture across the continent and affirming that together, “Let’s Do It Again” is not just a campaign – it’s a call to elevate African football to unprecedented heights.

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