How Jose Peseiro will start Osimhen, Iwobi, Boniface in Super Eagles lineup for AFCON 2023

 In the approaching 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), Nigeria's tactical lineup is poised to harness the attacking prowess of Victor Osimhen and Alex Iwobi, two key figures in the Super Eagles' offensive strategy. The tournament serves as a platform for Nigeria to showcase their formidable talents and vie for continental glory.


At the forefront of Nigeria's formation is Victor Osimhen, a dynamic striker renowned for his speed, technical finesse, and goal-scoring prowess. His ability to lead the line with sharp movements, intelligent positioning, and clinical finishing makes him a vital asset for the team. Osimhen's partnership with Alex Iwobi, a versatile attacker capable of playing across various attacking positions, presents a multifaceted threat to opposing defenses.

The anticipated formation for the Super Eagles could feature a dynamic attacking trio. Osimhen spearheads the frontline as the central striker, utilizing his athleticism and predatory instincts to penetrate defenses and convert chances into goals. Flanking him, Iwobi thrives in a supporting role, using his creativity, vision, and dribbling skills to orchestrate plays, provide key passes, and contribute to the goal-scoring opportunities.

In a flexible setup, Iwobi might alternate between a wide attacking role and a central playmaking position, exploiting spaces and providing crucial link-up play between midfield and attack. This fluidity allows the Nigerian team to adapt to various game scenarios, exploiting the strengths of both Osimhen and Iwobi while maintaining a dynamic and unpredictable offensive approach.


The synergy between Osimhen and Iwobi will be vital in breaking down resilient defenses, exploiting their combined speed, technical ability, and understanding of each other's movements to unlock opposition backlines. Their partnership not only amplifies Nigeria's attacking potential but also instills fear in adversaries, making the Super Eagles a formidable force in the tournament.

However, beyond the Osimhen-Iwobi duo, the team's success will hinge on a cohesive unit, encompassing a solid defensive structure, midfield stability, and tactical astuteness. The 2023 AFCON presents an exciting platform for Nigeria to showcase their talent, and with Osimhen and Iwobi leading the charge, the Super Eagles aim to soar to new heights and reclaim their continental dominance.

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