Nigerians react as Peter Obi spotted in stadium to cheer on Super Eagles against Angola

 The African Cup of Nations quarter-final clash between Nigeria and Angola unfolded, political figures merged with football fervor as Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, was spotted in the stadium cheering on the Super Eagles. His presence and support for the national team sparked reactions among Nigerians, resonating with the collective enthusiasm for sporting success.


Peter Obi's attendance at the match symbolizes the unity and solidarity that football fosters among Nigerians. His presence in the stadium, alongside fellow supporters, transcends political divides and shows the shared passion for the national team. In a moment where the nation rallies behind the Super Eagles, Peter Obi's gesture reinforces the spirit of togetherness that football embodies.

Earlier, Peter Obi had voiced his encouragement for the Super Eagles to continue their winning streak in the tournament following their 1-0 win over Angola in the AFCON quarter final. His visible support at the stadium further amplifies his commitment to uplifting the team and inspiring them to victory. In a tournament where every match carries immense significance, Peter Obi's presence serves as a motivational boost for both the players and fans alike.


The photo of Peter Obi cheering on the Super Eagles elicits a sense of excitement and hope among Nigerians. In a nation where football holds a special place in the hearts of millions, witnessing a prominent political figure join in the celebration adds an extra layer of enthusiasm to the occasion. The image captures the collective anticipation and optimism surrounding Nigeria's quest for victory in the AFCON tournament.

Super Eagles booked their place in the Africa cup of Nations semi-final after beating Angola 1-0 in the quarter final, thanks to the Lookman's goal and assist from Moses.

DR. Congo comeback to beat Guinea 3-1 in the second quarter final match played yesterday after Bayo's penalty opener before Mbemba level the score line as Wissa put Congo in front in the second half and Masuaku secured their victory to earned semi-final spot. 

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