Run, run, run, Chelsea star Caicedo criticizes Pochettino statics


 Chelsea midfielder Moises Caicedo has criticised the methods of Mauricio Pochettino and calls his training ‘difficult’ in some eye opening quotes that have just come out over night.

It is a bit of a no holds barred interview from Caicedo, who compares hims time at Chelsea to when he was at Brighton, and it sounds like he didn’t like it much under Pochettino.

Of course, Pochettino has long gone now and it will be Enzo Maresca who Caicedo will be training under. And judging by these latest words, Caicedo will be hoping that Maresca’s methods are a lot more tactical than they are running, and you’d suspect that they will be.

Caicedo didn’t like Pochettino’s methods

Caicedo has say that Pochettino’s methods was all about running and energy, whilst at Brighton it was all about the tactical side of the game.

In words picked up and translated via X this week, Caicedo said: “At Brighton it was all tactical, just with the ball; tactical, tactical, tactical. And at Chelsea, it was run, run, run and it was very difficult for me.

“With Chelsea I always ran a bit more and with Brighton we almost always had the ball, with Chelsea it was a different football and we had to run more.”

Yikes. That’s not good reading for Pochettino, who had a real focus on high pressing and high energy football. But he was also often criticised for his lack of tactics on the pitch and an inability to out-fox his opponent.

Things got much better for Chelsea and Pochettino towards the end of last season, but it wasn’t enough for him to mutually part ways with the club and move on. And it sounds like it was the best thing to do, which I was more than content with at the time.

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