Neymar's Mother, Nadine Reveals Why She Dumps Her 23-year-old Boyfriend

Neymar’s mother Nadine has revealed why she dumped her 23-year-old boyfriend after finding out that he dated a string of men before he started dating her, according to a report in the

The 23-year-old Tiago Ramos was pictured with Neymar’s mother Nadine and it was reported that Neymar gave his approval of his mother’s relationship about ten days ago.

However, Neymar’s mother has since ended her relationship with Tiago and has kicked him out of their house after discovering that he dated the Paris Saint-Germain star’s chef Mauro and Brazilian actor and stand up comedian Carlinhos Maia before getting together with her.

Tiago is a model and a member of a gaming team called 4K Easy and was pictured at Neymar’s extravagant birthday party earlier in February.

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According to the report, Tiago is now with his family in Brazil after getting kicked out of Nadine’s mansion.

Neymar is yet to make a comment about the development.

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