Yekini's death reveals after he scored against India as Nigeria lost 99-1

Nigeria legend Samuel Okwaraji was the only player that scored against Indian as the Nigeria lost 99-1 then.

This is probably the most established untruth (or should I say legend that I am aware of) and am certain pretty much every Nigerian conceived during the 1990s can identify with this.

Most, if not we all have known about the story that goes in this manner: During a specific world cup version, the 1990 World Cup, for what it’s worth now and again.

Nigeria was set in opposition to India and India was driving Nigeria by 99 objectives.

Nigeria’s objective, the Indian players by utilization of some enchantment, (perhaps dark or white, I don’t have the foggiest idea) consistently change the ball into some type of frightful animal which makes the Nigerian players flee from the ball.

This had clearly been going on all through the game.

Five minutes as far as possible of the match, the Indian players looked to give Nigerian players rest and said if Nigeria could score a solitary objective, they would surrender crush and acknowledge Nigerians as the champ of the game.

All things considered, the Nigerian players consented to this and the match went on.

Samuel Okwaraji, being an extremely energetic Nigerian player, got the show on the road from an Indian Player, figured out how to spill his way to the Indian group’s 18 Box, and exactly when he was going to kick the ball, It transformed into a major stone which would gauge a huge number of tons.

Yet, Samuel Okwaraji kicked the ball with each ounce of vitality he had in his body, regardless of realizing he could pass on yet he tried to forfeit his life so Nigeria can dominate the game.

The ball took off, or should I say folded into the net, which was an objective and as per the understanding among Indian and Nigerian Players, Nigeria wins the match.

Be that as it may, Samuel Okwaraji was never to kick another football again in light of the fact that, well.

He passed on after he kicked the ball.

This prompted the world overseeing body, FIFA restricting India from dynamic football for a hundred years.


In the event that that isn’t the most irrationally, a bagful of falsehoods, fanciful story has ever heard.

All the way is bogus.

I don’t think Nigerian has ever been set in opposition to India in any soccer match, and regardless of whether they had, it is anything but a round of enchantment versus soccer, I mean please Nigerians, we likewise have our own enchantment, particularly the dull one, at any rate that is the thing that Nollywood motion pictures depicts more often than not.

On second thought, it is highly unlikely, all that stuff we were advised about will be going on a soccer pitch and thousands will watch it, not to discussion of the soccer authorities.

So how did Samuel Okwaraji truly Die?

Here it is: Samuel Okwaraji lost his life while playing against Angola in the 1990 World Cup Qualifier.

10 minutes as far as possible of the game, Samuel Okwaraji tumbled down on the pitch and quick emergency treatment couldn’t restore him, in this way, he was hurried to the closest clinic where he was articulated dead.

Samuel Okwaraji passed on from and I quote “congestive cardiovascular breakdown.” he didn’t kick a ball which had transformed into stone which would gauge a huge number of tons and damn difficult to kick.

As to India, India isn’t restricted in Active football, India hasn’t quite recently qualified for the World Cup rivalry in quite a while, well aside from since 1950, in which India had the option to meet all requirements for the world cup because of withdrawal of different groups yet declined to join in, one talk being that they declined on the grounds that FIFA wouldn’t permit Indian Players to play shoeless, well that may be valid however reality behind the issue as a partner editorial manager of the diary Soccer and Society of India, put it:

“A cautious report uncovers that underneath the evident budgetary troubles given as the reason for withdrawal lay the A.I.F.F’s. surprising inability to welcome the significance of taking part in the Cup, regardless of affirmations from the sorting out board of trustees to hold up under a significant piece of the visit costs.”

To India’s A.I.F.F. in 1950, the Olympic made a difference to them more than the World Cup which was not truly considered.

India has a National Soccer Team.

India may not be acceptable at Soccer however they aren’t moronic with regards to Cricket.

To India being restricted from Football for a Hundred Years, that is simply one more falsehood, and India utilizing Black Magic against Nigeria in some Phantom Match which was never formally or informally played, that likewise is an untruth.

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