David Luiz agreed a two-year contract extension deal with Arsenal

David Luiz has agreed to an extension contract deal of two-year with Arsenal as the Brazilian international will stay at Emirates till 2022.

Well, there are very few Arsenal fans would have seen this coming after David Luiz had made it clear that he had been in contact with Benfica about finishing his career in Portugal, but it has now been revealed by the Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira says Luiz will in fact sign a two-year deal with the Gunners.

‘I spoke to him yesterday, we have a father-son relationship,’ Vieira told Benfica TV (reported by the Metro). ‘He was in the car with his agent and will renew with Arsenal for two years. ‘David Luiz loves Benfica, but he is 33 years old and has to earn money.

‘His salary in England is unthinkable for Benfica to pay. In England he earns €7million or €8million a year.

‘If David Luiz comes and says “I want to come back”, if he is 35 years old and in perfect condition, of course we would welcome him.

‘But now, if he came, it would only be for €1million, and as a father I would say no. “David, you’re not coming, don’t be crazy, make more money!”

‘It may be that it becomes a case like Rui Costa, who called me one day and said it was time to return, for me to make a contract, offer a salary, which he signed. If David Luiz does the same, he can return.’

I actually think this will be a shock to some Arsenal fans, considering how many defenders we have at the club, plus the arrival of William Saliba and possibly Pablo Mari as well. One thing is sure, we are unlikely to be spoilt for choice next season!

Arsenal F.C has joined the like of Liverpool, Chelsea and other premier league players in support for justice for George Floyd and protest for #BlackLivesMatter.

“We stand against racism. We stand side by side with our black community. We stand with our black players of the past, present and future. We celebrate diversity. We belong together.”

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