In 2019, Eden Hazard Became The First Player in Chelsea History to Win All Three Chelsea Awards

In the illustrious history of Chelsea Football Club, few players have achieved the level of success and adulation that Eden Hazard attained in 2019. That year, the Belgian maestro etched his name into the club’s annals by accomplishing a remarkable feat that had never been achieved before – winning all three major awards in a single season.

Hazard’s scintillating performances and undeniable talent mesmerized both fans and fellow players alike, earning him the prestigious Goal of the Year, Player’s Player of the Year, and Chelsea Player of the Year accolades. It was a testament to his exceptional skills, unrivaled impact, and undeniable influence on the team’s success.

The Goal of the Year award highlighted Hazard’s extraordinary ability to conjure moments of magic on the pitch. Whether it was a thunderous strike from outside the box or a mazy dribble through the opposition’s defense, Hazard’s goals were often the epitome of brilliance and left fans in awe of his sheer talent.

Being voted as the Player’s Player of the Year by his teammates is a testament to the respect and admiration he commanded within the squad. It was a recognition of his immense contribution to the team, both as a match-winner and as a leader who inspired those around him.

Lastly, clinching the Chelsea Player of the Year award solidified Hazard’s status as the club’s most outstanding performer throughout the season. His exceptional performances, consistent impact, and vital contributions in crucial moments made him the clear choice for this prestigious honor.

2019 was undoubtedly a remarkable season for Eden Hazard, etching his name in Chelsea’s history books as the first player to sweep all three awards. His achievements not only cemented his place among the club’s all-time greats but also served as a reminder of his extraordinary talent and the lasting impact he had on the team during his time at Stamford Bridge.


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