This Chelsea Player Feel Reluctant to Give Man City Guard of Honour

Manchester City will play against Chelsea today and looking at Arsenal’s defeats against Nottingham Forest yesterday, the Cityzens are now the league champions for this season. 

However, with the fact that there will be Guard of Honour for the Pep Guardiola side today before the commencement of the match, there is a Chelsea player who will be reluctant to cheer and clap for his opponent players.

This is the former player of the club, Raheem Sterling who left the Manchester Club last season to join the London Blues.

The English winger looked forward to having a fantastic first season at Chelsea this season but with the way of things at the club with them probably not achieving anything substantial, his expectations are not met with.

Though, he has scored some important goals for the club this season so far, not partaking in any European competition next season will be a minus on his reputation next season.


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