Why Thiago Silva Deserves To Be Named Chelsea's Best Player This Season Despite Bad Form Of The Club

In a season where everything has went wrong for Chelsea as the West London will end this season without any title, no European qualification and possibly getting their worst ever point tally in Premier league history, the defense of the West London club is rated the third best in the Premier League this season, behind Newcastle United and Manchester City.

If you want to single out a player to praise for the defense stability of Chelsea this season, it’s certainly not Kalidou Koulibaly or Wesley Fofana because Kalidou Koulibaly has been terrible this season while Wesley Fofana has spent more time away from the pitch than on the pitch. It’s certainly not Marc Cucurella too because the Spanish Fullback has been inconsistent this season.

Reece James and Ben Chilwell can’t also take that praise because the duo have been inconsistent this season while Reece James has also Battled with injury.

The only Player among the Chelsea Defenders that has been great this season is Thiago Silva. If Chelsea would be awarding any Player the player of the season award, it certainly should be Thiago Silva. The Veteran Defender has been impressive and consistent for Chelsea this season despite his old age and Chelsea’s terrible form.

Some Fans on social media have suggested that Chelsea shouldn’t celebrate their Players at the end of this season because there’s nothing to celebrate, which is right but, it would also be denying Players like Thiago Silva that have given their best on the pitch this season.

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