Chelsea defender vows to become more of a leader in the club

Chelsea fans are enjoying a rare day of late where they can just soak up and enjoy a win.

Chelsea defender vows to become more of a leader in the club

It’s something they have not grown too used to in the last couple of seasons but historically, this is not what they are used to at all, at least in recent history.

Last night they were able to enjoy a win at Stamford Bridge against a good opposition, with Chelsea knocking Premier League side Brighton out of the Carabao Cup third round.

It was a much needed win for Chelsea and the aftermath of quotes and reactions from the players and fans has been very good.

One thing that Chelsea have lacked across the last couple of seasons is more leadership and players stepping up as leaders.

Well, they can add Levi Colwill to their leaders from now on, and that is according to a vow from the player himself. Colwill says he wants to be more of a leader at Chelsea from now on.

Levi Colwill: “I want to do what I can to help the team and encourage players. I want to be a bit more of a leader from today. It all just comes down to timing and when it all clicks, Chelsea are going to be a very good team.”

— Nizaar Kinsella (@NizaarKinsella) September 28, 2023

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