I don’t think that was a penalty - Eddie Howe disagrees with PSG late penalty

 Premier League club side Newcastle boss Eddie Howe was disappointed with late penalty given to PSG to draw Newcastle 1-1 in the Champions League.

I don’t think that was a penalty - Eddie Howe disagrees with late PSG late penalty

He believed that it wasn't a penalty but ball to hand which gave Paris Saint-Germain opportunity to level and earned a point in the game at the last minute of the match. 

Newcastle players gave all their best in the game but VAR and referee poor decision ruined their chance to beat PSG home and away and to added the maximum three points.

Eddie Howe: “I don’t think that was a penalty. We know that when it hits a body part first and his hands are low, it's not a penalty”.

“I feel really flat, but pleased with what the players have given”, told TNT.

Eddie Howe expressed his displeasure about the last minute penalty given to Paris SG in the Champions League game last night to level the score line at Parc des Princes in France 

Parc des Princes capacity of 48, 229 with attendance 46, 435 witness an amazing football as Isak broke the deadlock in 24 minutes to put Newcastle ahead of Enrique's men with assist from Almiron.

Howe, who said in a television interview that the official had been placed under "extreme" pressure by the PSG players, labelled a decision which cost his side two precious points "poor" in his post-match press conference.

Asked if he felt a sense of injustice, he said: "Yes, I do. It wasn't the right decision in my opinion.

"There are so many things to take into account at that moment, the speed first. It was a ricochet that when it is slowed down, looks completely different to the live event.

"The ball hits his chest first, comes up and hits his hand. But his hand is not in an unnatural position, they [his hands] are down by his side, but he is in a running motion.

"I feel it is a poor decision and it's hugely frustrating for us as you know how little time there is left in the game. There is nothing we can do about it now."

Speaking to TNT Sports, Howe added: "What you don't take into account with those replays is how quick the ball goes. It hits his chest first. If it hits his hands first, well it's still not a penalty because he's so close. But you can make more of a case.

"It's not a penalty when it hits his chest first and then hits his hand which is low. I'm not allowed to sum it up. I can't say my inner thoughts obviously [I'd get in trouble].

"I thought the referee was having a good game up until this moment. He had been strong."

Eddie was furious at the stoppage time penalty given to PSG as Mbappe rescued Enrique's side from defeat at Parc des Princes in the Champions League game. 

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