Why Newcastle RB, Trippier would struggle against Raheem Sterling

 Newcastle United's Kieran Trippier is preparing for a tough clash with Chelsea this weekend, focusing on a potential battle with the powerful Raheem Sterling.

Trippier's full return to training comes at a crucial time for the Magpies, but questions remain over his ability to contain the threat of Sterling, according to Sky Sports News.

Comparisons were drawn with Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker during the recent match against Sterling before the international break.

The consensus is that Trippier could face an even tougher challenge if Walker, considered the best individual defender, struggles to keep up with Sterling.


The perception that Walker is a better defender than Tripper raises concerns about Newcastle's right-back.

Sterling's performance against Walker was shocking and raised doubts about Trippier's ability to successfully neutralize the England forward.

The argument goes further and suggests that if Sterling repeats the form he showed against Walker, Trippier will have little chance of stopping him.

Comparisons between legendary defenders Maldini and Trippier remind us that change is unlikely to happen overnight and demonstrate the scale of the task ahead.


Football fans will be watching this one-on-one battle from the stadium as the showdown between Trippier and Sterling unfolds.

The dynamic of head-to-head battles often plays a decisive role in the outcome of matches and Trippier's performance against Sterling could be crucial to Newcastle's defensive performance.

As Saturday's clash approaches, questions are being raised about what strategy Newcastle's managers will devise to deal with the threat from Sterling.


Trippier's experience and defensive ability will be tested against one of the most dynamic strikers in the Premier League.

Whether Trippier will be able to rise to the occasion and effectively counter the threat from Sterling remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure.

The clash between Newcastle and Chelsea on Saturday will provide a compelling story in the grand narrative of the Premier League season.

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