Mourinho reveals why Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea to another club

 Former Chelsea manage Jose Mourinho has revealed why talented Man City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea to another club.

Mourinho reveals why Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea to another club

The Score Nigeria learnt that from Mourinho statement that De Bruyne wanted to leave but not him that pushed Kevin out of the club, he was his own decision to left Chelsea then

Why was de Bruyne sold by Chelsea? Mourinho: “We went to pre-season in Asia. We went to Indonesia, Thailand, and Kevin was due to go on loan to a German side. I told the club no, I don’t want him out on loan, I want him with me. He stayed with me, and he began the Premier League season playing in the starting 11”.
“After that, we played the European Super Cup in Prague against Bayern and he didn’t play that game. Then, the next day, he wants to leave. We played the second Premier League game of the season against Manchester United at Old Trafford and we drew 0-0. He was on the bench and he played some minutes, but it wasn’t enough for him, so he wanted to leave”.

“When you are at Chelsea and you want to leave, go and another one comes. They were just kids who couldn’t wait, and their careers say they were right, but it wasn’t down to me. Probably other guys will say I pushed them out, but not them”, told @obionepodcast.

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