Robert Sanchez and Djordje Petrovic battle for Chelsea first choice goalkeeper

 Simon Johnson’s article today is all about Robert Sanchez and Djordje Petrovic, the two men competing to play in goal for Mauricio Pochettino.

His piece looks at the stats and sees Petrovic edge ahead – he’s conceded 0.87 goals per game to Sanchez 1.37, he’s got a 73.9 save percentage to Sanchez’s 70.5, he’s won 6 games of his 8 starts.

It all looks very promising – but we can’t go overboard just yet.

Ultimately, all comparison is thrown by the limited sample size we have for Petrovic. He’s done exceptionally well, as the stats show, but he’s played significantly weaker teams, and fewer minutes. Sanchez has played the whole of the Premier League’s top 7, while Petrovic came into the side just in time to play a run of games against teams at the bottom.


His only game against a top team so far was against Newcastle, who were already falling apart at that point.

So while we love what we’ve seen so far and we love what the numbers are telling us, we need to be a lot more patient and see the new man up against the very best before we draw too many conclusions.


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