Get him out of our club, Chelsea fans want key player to leave

 What happened yesterday is one and thing to follow the replay very slowly and closely and no where really was the problem. The blues had come to anfield with great anticipation that things will get better on their side and probably get into position seven but that seems to be a day dream. Right Left and center were the bars being hit and here and there barely a very young player scoring. I think asa chelsea fan I can't explain exactly what was the problem.

Nevertheless one clear thing about the game to every chelsea fan was that the referee was very bias on his decision and he did something demoralizing to them. The moment that was meant to be a game changer for chelsea it happen to be a hurrying moment. Liverpool scored twice first half and added another two second half while chelsea got one for sympathy. It was Badeshile who was greatly blamed but the manager too and almost whole squad. Have a look at reactions and give your comments.

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