English Premier League Resumption Date Confirmed

According to reports from sky sports, it is believed that the Premier League has received approval from the government to commence the next phase(phase ii) of ‘project restart’.
When is the EPL resumption date? – Premier League will restart on June 17 as the new resumption date after COVID-19 shutdown

Phase 1 of project restart involved players reporting to their clubs’ training facilities with social distancing expected to still be observed, while a maximum of 2 players was allowed to train within the same vicinity. Phase 2 will involve a maximum of 12 in a single group with close contact. Reports of phase two commencing have brought a lot of optimism with everyone looking forward to it.

On Wednesday Premier League clubs are expected to vote an agreement on the commencement of phase 2 and it is highly expected that clubs will vote in favor.

There have been concerns however with many citing that it is too soon and that there still needs to be firm measures being taken in order to ensure the safety of the players and the staff, but the return of the Bundesliga has undoubtedly given hope that football is on its way back. Football fans have a reason to smile after this news as phase two will undoubtedly signify how close the return of top-flight English football is.

There are still remains a number of issues that need to be sorted out, but as things stand, the English Premier League is set to restart on the 17th or 26th of June.

The Premier League is yet to announce an official confirmation on this, but at the moment football fans all over the world will be eagerly waiting for any positive signs. We all cannot wait for that sensational return.

What are your thoughts? Is it too soon for a restart?

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