Odion Ighalo Will Return To Shanghai After Man United Failed To Meet Negotiations

According to reports, Odion Ighalo will return to Shanghai next week after Manchester United failed to meet Shanghai Shenhua’s negotiations on permanent deal.
The Score Nigeria recalls that Shanghai Shenhua look like they are not going to agree an extension to the Man United loanee Odion Ighalo which make the club failed on an permanent contract extension which make the 30-year-old to stay at the Old Trafford. 
But it just doesn’t feel right, to me this is just another thing caused by the virus that has disrupt our lives, that has caused so many misery. Football to many of us is a passion and this Ighalo thing will be a by-product of this horrible virus, because we might not get to see Ighalo for united again if he goes back. This is because we are not going to play a game again till June and they want him in Shanghai.

This news is coming from daily mail, which is not necessarily accurate, but the situation with Ighalo is simple, his contract is up by next week and shanghai Shenhua are paying him £300k a week, they want him to sign a new contract for another 2 years on £400k a week. Manchester united got him on a loan for a £3m deal and £130k a week which runs till the end of May, shanghai Shenhua are on no obligation to give him to us for the rest of the season.

Manchester United are not going to give him £30m and £400k a week, so we are in a difficult situation and some people are saying sign him up! Its very difficult for united to do that. What we really want is a little bit of compassion in relation to Ighalo being allowed to stay at united because he wants to stay and then he can go back to shanghai at the end of July,I think this is the situation here.

And I hope that united will find a solution because shanghai can say that “he is coming back next week because our season starts, he is our player and we pay a lot of money”. But Man United have been paying him £130k per week for the last two months and he has not kicked a ball, we’ve paid him a lot of money, I mean we have been in lock down for 6-7weeks , we’ve paid him nearly £1m to do nothing.”

Ighalo wants to stay, he wants to complete the loan deal because his long term dream is to get a permanent deal with Manchester united, but I don’t think that will happen.
I am still hoping Ighalo will put a little pressure on Shanghai and hopefully he will stay till the season finishes.

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