Pele reply Ibrahimović after he claims he would have scored 3000 goals hadn't been he play in Pele's era

Swedish and AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimović has got reply from Brazilian legend Pele after he would claimed to have scored 3000 goals in his era, no offside and no VAR.

Zlatan : “If I played in pele’s Era, I would score 3000 goals, there was no strict rules, no offside, NO VAR. I believe with no offside calls I would have scored on every match, the only thing that would stop Zlatan from scoring it would be injuries. I still don’t count his goals. I don’t even bother listening to him when he says he is better than Ronaldo, Messi and me. Winning 3 World cups with offside goals was a great Robbery ”

This was the statement from Zlatan Ibrahimovic that Pele couldn’t keep silence as he replied : “I don’t have any real reasons to argue with my grandchildren like Zlatan ibrahimovic. It’s like telling your former teacher that am better than you, while he is the one who formed a solid foundation for your success.”

Football wouldn’t be this popular if Pele didn’t play in this game. Children like Zlatan would be Waiters,farmers in Sweden, some where going to be serving food. But because of ” Us” who played football under so many difficult circumstances they now have careers, better stadiums, better sponsors, better rules and of course millions of Money which we can only dream of during our time. We are the pillars of this game.

“We made it the most popular sport in the world with our great talents which opened doors for the most disrespectful kids like Zlatan “

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