Meet Nigerian Footballer, Who Was Imprisoned For 10 Year For Allegedly Raped His Adopted 13-year-old Daughter

Nigerian footballer Godwin Okpara who was charged and jailed for 10 years after allegedly raped his adopted 13-year-old daughter, Godwin Okpara was imprisoned for 10 years after he convicted of the act.

Footballers are one of the most talked-about people in the world. And they are well-paid too. Little wonder a lot of people desire to be like them. But they are humans nonetheless and there were times some of them got into real trouble.

Just two months ago, Brazil and Barcelona legend Ronaldinho was arrested for possession of fake passport.

Also, Arsenal legendary defender Tony Adams was once imprisoned for drunken driving.

How about Colombian legendary goalkeeper Rene Higuita, who spent some time behind bars for allegedly having a hand in a kidnap case?

But let’s come back home. One of our own too had once made the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Former Nigeria Super Eagles defender Godwin Okpara was born on September 20, 1972. He was a part of the Super Eagles Squad that featured in France ’98 as well as AFCON 2000. At club level, he played for Racing Club and Ligue 1 side PSG.

In August 2005, Okpara got into trouble after he was found guilty of raping his 13-year old adopted daughter by the French police. And in June 2007, he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

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